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Current Employment Opportunities

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Common Employment Opportunities

Public Relations and Media Specialist
Project Director/Account Executive
Project Deputy/Account Executive
Research Specialist
Technical Writer
Multimedia Production Specialist


Employee benefits
Competitive salaries
Paid leave, Federal holidays, and sick leave
Health insurance
Life insurance
Personal development planning
Metro accessible (Redline—Rockville Town Center)
Links Global is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Links Global staff


Get real experience. Links Global offers a number of resources for students to enhance their education through work experience in their field of study. Students may apply for an internship to gain valuable professional experience.

Our internships are fun, dynamic and meaningful for students’ transition into professional work life. Apply at

Meet Featured Interns

Links Global is proud of the achievements of our student interns and wish them continuous success in their lives and careers.


Research Associate at Harvard University

“My Global Health Internship at Links Global allowed me to learn about the nature of public-private partnerships and the field of health communications which led me to pursue my first post-graduate job.”


MPH Student at University of Maryland

“My Health Communications Internship at Links Global helped me create positive relationships in the work place.”


Project Manager at Links Global

“My Health Communication Internship at Links Global was a strong deciding factor in pursuing a double degree in communications. I really enjoyed the projects I worked on as an intern, particularly in ICT.”


Reporter at WNBJ TV

“Digital Radio and TV Producer Interning at Links Global helped me improve my storytelling and communication skills. It was a really valuable experience.”


Graduate Student at University of Warwick

“My Business Management Internship at Links Global helped me gain determination and courage.”


Student at University of Delaware

“Public Relations Interning at Links Global taught me the importance of collaboration and that teamwork really does equal success. I’ve been able to improve my writing skills, and learn how to create outstanding social media content.”

Student at College of William and Mary
My Human Resources and Business Capture Internship with Links Global this summer was an amazing learning experience that allowed me to use and hone the skills I have been cultivating as a humanities major. Whether it was improving my interpersonal skills, continuing to work on my analytical skills to assess a project’s viability, or retooling my strategic and critical thinking skills to search for new business capture opportunities, I felt like I always being put to the test with Links Global. After completing this internship I feel like Links Global has helped me to improve my communications and summarization skills and information management skills.